Daycare provides exercise to burn off that excess energy .
A tired dog is a good dog.  Many undesirable or destructive behavior can
be linked to lack of exercise.
Who feels worse when you leave for work, you or your pet?
Daycare will help ease both yours and your dogs separation anxiety.
Dogs are social animal, they need to be with their own kind.
At The Playful Pack we let dogs be dogs.

Requirements for daycare and boarding:

Your dog must be non-aggressive, to both people and other dogs.
We need a completed application.
For the safety and well being of all dogs to be current on the following vaccinations:

A copy of the vaccination records is required.

Flea and tick treatment is required.  Sorry, no flea collars allowed.
You must have had the dog living with you for at least 30 days before attending.
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Playful Pack Dog Daycare
and Boarding
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