Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Full Day: $27   10 Full Day pass for $240.
Half Day; $20  ( 2-6 hours )  10 Half Day pass for $180.
2 hour Playdate: $14   10 Playdate pass for $130.
2 or more dogs $20 each for each dog, Passes are available which lower the cost per day.
Passes do not have an expiration date.

$45 per night. price is based on over night. Check in anytime, check out by 9 AM the next day.
Discounts for stays 7 or more days. 
Weekend hours for pick up and drop off 8-9 Am and 4-5 PM by appointment.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards accepted
(Master card, Visa and American Express.)
Why Daycare? What are the requirements for Daycare?

Can I go inside and see my dog at play?  Sorry, but for your safety and that of the dogs customers are not allowed in the dog play area. But you can see the inside play area.  We have web cams so you can see the fun from home or work

Will my dog be put in a cage/kennel?  We do not kennel your pet.  We do have a "time out" area if one of the dogs needs time to calm down.

Are all the dogs in one area?  No, we separate the dogs by size and temperament.  Each have their own indoor and outdoor area.

Do you do overnight boarding? Yes, please go here to fill out an application.

Are there extra fee's? No, if you like something extra like feeding lunch or giving your dog their pill, there is no extra charge. 

What about snow days?  We follow the Ipswich Public Schools.
If they are closed due to snow, we are closed also.

Playful Pack Dog Daycare and Boarding
Fun, Exercise and Socialization
18F Mitchell Road
Ipswich, MA 01938
phone    978-356-3698
fax        866-886-7386

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18 F Mitchell Road, Ipswich Ma 01938
978-356-3698   Fax: 866-884-7386
Playful Pack Dog Daycare
and Boarding
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