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One of the biggest worries when you have multiple dogs in one area is Bordetella ( kennel cough).
Like the human flu shot, the Bordetella vaccination is not 100 % effective.
Short of putting your dog in a plastic bubble it is honestly IMPOSSIBLE  to prevent.
You can do your best to minimize the chances of an outbreak.
An infected dog can come in and appear fine but spread their germs to the rest of the pack. The virus is spread through the air and water.
The most basic and common steps to prevent and outbreak are:

And we do all the above steps, and MORE!

We are proud to be the only daycare in the area that uses UVC technology from PureAire Technologies
Ultravation utilizes ultraviolet technology to create higher air quality, by disabling airborne microorganisms, rendering them harmless which dramatically reduces the possibility of infection and allergic reactions, especially from mold.
UVC is a specific band of ultra violet light that destroys the virus' ability to replicate. 
We have installed a unit into the ventilation system that produces UVC light directly into the path of the circulating air. We also have installed a unit in the Air conditioning system that used UVC light to destroy viruses and bacteria on the air conditioning coils. 

Watch a short video and learn more about UVC
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